About me - Joeri Peeters

CAPTURE THE MOMENT ‚Äč Joeri Peeters is a graduated professional photographer living in Zichem, Belgium specialized in Portrait/fashion photography & post processing.

Joeri started photography at a very early age. Together with his father they spent hours in the dark room developing B&W pictures.

"What I see in my head, the preparation to the shoot itself and the post processing afterwards is all done with a huge passion. I just love every aspect of photography. I never stop learning and sometimes I start shooting with uncertainty but I see this as an advantage. Trying to do better every time."

"I am not that interested what the photographic trends are pushed by the photographic industry."

"I do not freeze time. I freeze moments."

"I can get emotional when I capture a moment like a breathtaking expression or eyes telling a story. To me this is what photography is about."

"I 'm also available for 1:1 training in Dutch, English or German: Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop, basic photography, high end retouching, ..." Just drop me a line using the contact Form and I will get in touch with you. Because of my IT background  I can also provide my knowledge in NAS systems, workflows and backups." 

"I am also bookable for giving workshops."

Smartphone background picture: At the legendary Royal Albert Hall London ready to photograph Gary Numan, band and Skaparis Orchestra during the Savage tour.

Joeri's native language is "Flemish/Dutch" with English as second language and German as third.

This is my first portrait picture we know of taken in 1976 at the age of 6. 


And me as a young kid with my camera.


  • Joeri as a child.
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