About me - Joeri Peeters
Joeri as a child.

Joeri as a child.

Joeri & Nilu
Joeri @ Lokerse Feesten 2018 photographing Gary Numan. Picture by Meemz.

CAPTURE THE MOMENT ​ Joeri Peeters is a graduated photographer living in Zichem, Belgium specialized in Portrait photography & post processing.

Joeri started photography at a very early age. Together with his father they spent ours in the dark room. It's there where I got my foundation.

Joeri photographs using the mirrorless SonyA7 series.    "Using a smaller camera with WYSIWYG using natural light is impressive, the incredible dynamic range, 42 Megapixels to work with and using some of the sharpest lenses available impresses me every time when I am post processing in photoshop".                         

"Photography is understanding light and shadow and to be able to control it. Photography is capturing a moment, this can be a  planned and prepared shoot or quick shot in the streets. 

Using natural and artificial light he gets the results he wants. "With artificial light I can control the light and get the result I have in mind. Sometimes I use 5 strobes to get the shot done!"

"I'm always scouting new talent. I started building Maureen Wanbui and Zoë Coeckaerts portfolio and both young woman made it to the finals of Top Model Belgium 2018 out of 3000 candidates. Pictures can be seen in my portfolio. The key is to make fun but in a professional way. I am always looking for eyes telling a story, expressions, people who are unique in there own way."

"I'm very passionate from preparation what I see in my head to the shoot itself and taking time to post process the pictures to final images.

" 'm also available for 1:1 training in Dutch, English or German: Lightroom, capture one, Photoshop, basic photography, high end retouching, ..." Just drop me a line using the contact Form and I will get in touch with you.

Because of my IT background  I can also provide my knowledge in NAS systems, workflows and backups." 

Joeri's native language is "Flemish/Dutch" with English/German as second language and French as third.

Gary Numan, the godfather of synth music used some of Joeri's pictures on the "Obsession" CD/DVD/Photobook.

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