1.WhatIsPhotography? - Joeri Peeters

If you ask people what photography is most people answer say that they freeze time. It's true but it is more than that. 

1. Photography to me is capturing a moment. This can be a holiday photo, your pet, family, birds, wildlife, insects, landscapes, ...  What is visible in the photo is the most important part of photography. You can be the best technical photographer with very expensive gear but if your photo does not contain something interesting it will just be a another photo.

If you are starting with photography there are guidelines/rules that can be followed like the "rules of thirds", creating negative space making a photo more interesting to the eye. Therefor a good composition is something you have to learn. Some photographers are natural talents and have a very good visual eye.

2. Everybody is a photographer until the camera is set to manual.

That is the technical part you need to learn. Compare it with Formule 1. You need to learn how to drive at high speeds and learn every aspect of it. When it's raining other tires are used. When it's dark lights are needed or you have to drive slower. It's exactly the same using a camera. When there is no light you have to create light. If you photograph a fast car you will need to change the shutter speed.

Anyone can learn the technical part. It's just the triangle Aperture-Shutterspeed-ISO. Once you understand what they do you will never put your camera on automatic again.

Oh is it that easy? No it's not. There is so much more to learn so at takes time, a lot of practice and experience until you become a very good photographer. There is soft/hard light, natural light, flash, Highspeed sync, color harmony, lenses, all the different light modifiers and so much more.

3. To really stand out and make a good picture "pop", "wow", there is one more thing you need to learn and that is post processing. Some people say it is fake to modify a picture. Well, I can tell you when I was young me and my dad were already "dodging & burning" (making parts of the image darker or lighter) in the darkroom when digital photography was not invented yet. Because we have digital files now there is a lot more we can do. We can change colors, remove distracting elements and creating a completely new image. Let's say these persons are artists. With analog film a kodak film gave you a different look compared to fuji for example. Also the chemical products to develop the film gave a different look. 

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