Free Work - Joeri Peeters

Free Work

I also photograph on TFP but only if the concept/moodboard adds value to my Portfolio. Contact me using the contact form to inquire availability and add a link to your portfolio. 

You agree with following conditions. These will be send by mail before a shoot takes place and the mail needs to be replied with the words: 

read and approved

1. After the photo shoot a maximum of 4 chosen photos are professionally post processed.

2. Selection is immediately done after the shoot by Model and Photographer or afterwards on the photographers PC/Laptop. (unedited RAW files = All pictures of the shoot are NEVER delivered). No exceptions.

3. The final selection is done by the photographer. 

4. If you do not agree with the photographers final selection it does not give you any rights for other images.

5. Model, MUA, Photographer are allowed to publish the pictures on social media. 

6. The photographer is copyright holder and is allowed by the model to use the images for contests, exhibitions, magazines, books). If the model wants the pictures removed from social media (where possible like the photographers website) a fee of 150 Euro for each photo needs to be paid by the model with a maximum of 600 Euro) If published by third parties no action can be taken.

6. Pictures are delivered with a small watermark (as 72dpi for social media in jpg format) and without watermark (as 300 dpi in jpg for print). Color profile is sRGB (100% accuracy)

7. It is mandatory to publish the images on social media with watermark. The pictures without watermark are only intended for the portfolio of the model for agencies and for personal use.

8. It is forbidden to make any profit by the model. No commercial use is allowed.

9. It is forbidden to edit the supplied pictures: No cropping, enlarging, color filters, cutting, merging, retouch or remove copyright data!

10. It is not allowed by the model to provide selected images to third parties, like online magazines, workshops, etc. without permission by the author.

11. MUA is included in the shoot. Hair needs to be done by the model. Model can do her own make-up. If the make-up does not meet the quality requirements  the photographer has the right to cancel the shoot.

12. Pay attention to shave hair (like armpits) at least a day before the shoot so red rash on the skin is restricted to a minimum.

13. Wear a strapless b.h. and clothes (also stockings) that are loose. (e.g. Jogging Suit) as they leave marks in the skin. For outdoor shoots slippers and a bathrobe is recommended. (changing shoes, to warm up when the weather is cold)

14. Expenses, Travel expenses will not be paid. The model takes care of her own food.

15. Delivery of photos is done within 2 Months. (Depending on the photographers available free time)

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